Tell Congress to Fund our best parks program!

The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is one of America’s best conservation tools, working to protect our scenic lands while building new parks and connecting more people with the outdoors in communities across America.

After having lapsed last year, Congress permanently reauthorized LWCF in February as part of a sweeping public lands package. But Congress’s work remains undone.

We must now push Congress to give this important program the full, dedicated and permanent funding it deserves!

Established in 1964 and supported by royalties from oil and gas companies, LWCF is supposed to receive $900 million per year. But, each year, Congress diverts funding from this program for other purposes, more than $22 billion, to be exact. Legislation making its way through Congress would change this by requiring the $900 million to remain with LWCF.

Join us in calling on Virginia’s congressional delegation to do the right thing for conservation by ensuring LWCF gets full, dedicated funding in 2020 and every year that follows.