Add your name: Demand 100% Clean Energy by 2050!

If we don’t take significant, bold, and far-reaching action now to address the climate crisis, it will become harder and harder to ward off the worst impacts.

This is why Virginia LCV is committed to pushing Virginia toward 100% clean energy by mid-century, at the latest. Only by moving away from the fossil fuels that are wreaking havoc on our climate and health can we turn the corner on climate change and secure our clean energy future.

Add your name now – urge your lawmaker to put us on this path. Together, we can get to 100% clean energy, put fossil fuels in the past, and secure a sustainable future. 

We owe it to our children and future generations of Virginians to move swiftly and aggressively, now, while we still can, to protect public health, our coast, and our economy.