New poll reveals massive support for Biden’s American Jobs Plan across all Virginia Congressional Districts

For Immediate Release:
Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Lee Francis | Deputy Director
Virginia League of Conservation Voters
(804) 225-1902 |

RICHMOND – Nearly eight in 10 registered voters in Virginia support President Biden’s proposed American Jobs Plan, according to a new poll conducted by the League of Conservation Voters and Data for Progress.

The 79 percent overall approval rating found in Virginia, with strong support measured in all 11 congressional districts, underscores national polling that showed broad, bipartisan support in every state for the investments the American Jobs Plan would make in climate, clean energy, good-paying union jobs and justice.

LCV and Data for Progress conducted the national poll and modeled support for every congressional district in the state. More information about the poll and methodology is available here.

“With support for strong climate action at the highest it’s ever been – and with the impacts of the climate crisis only growing worse – it’s time for Congress to take the decisive action we need and that Virginians deserve by passing the American Jobs Plan,” said Lee Francis, Deputy Director of the Virginia League of Conservation Voters. “This plan will grow our economy, expand clean energy, and lift up the communities that need it most. And we don’t have any time to waste.”

In addition to finding broad, overall support for the American Jobs Plan in Virginia, the poll also models that among registered voters in Virginia:

  • 81 percent support investing in clean energy infrastructure
  • 85 percent support investments in clean drinking water infrastructure
  • 77 percent support clean energy tax credits
  • 72 percent support the investments in environmental justice protections outlined in the AJP
  • 71 percent believe clean energy jobs will grow the economy
  • 82 percent believe climate change is real
  • 78 percent think it’s important for Congress to take action to address climate change

Support for the AJP and the above provisions remained strong across Blue and Red Congressional districts in Virginia and in vastly different parts of the state, demonstrating the plan’s broad appeal with voters in urban and suburban districts as well as more conservative, rural areas.

Overall support  for the AJP and identified investments in climate action, clean energy, clean water and environmental justice ranged from 61 percent in Virginia’s 9th Congressional District in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia to nearly 90 percent in the Washington D.C. suburbs of the 8th Congressional District.

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