House votes to obstruct climate action, Virginia LCV calls on Northam to veto harmful budget language

For Immediate Release:
Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Lee Francis | Deputy Director
Virginia League of Conservation Voters
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RICHMOND – Today, the Virginia General Assembly reconvened in Richmond for the one-day “Veto Session,” to consider all gubernatorial vetoes and amendments to bills passed during the regular 2019 legislative session.

On today’s docket were several measures that passed during the regular session aimed at curbing Virginia’s ability to address climate change, obstructionist tactics that come at a time when this crisis grows worse by the day. The legislature was expected to easily uphold the governor’s vetoes of legislation preventing Virginia from cutting harmful air pollution from the electricity and transportation sectors. However, the House voted to reject the governor’s amendments of harmful budget language attacking climate action and diverting revenues earned from cutting pollution away from important programs that safeguard communities.

In response to today’s votes, Michael Town, executive director of the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, offered the following statement:

“Climate change is too large and complex of a problem for one political party to solve by itself. Long-term solutions to this crisis demand both parties come to the table. Unfortunately, year after year, Republicans prefer to play political games rather than do the right thing to protect Virginia’s economy and their constituents’ public health and safety.

Today, by voting to obstruct climate action, the legislature voted to allow continued flooding of homes, streets and businesses along our coast and inland; to let dirty power plants continue polluting our air and threatening public health; and to stand in the way of our state’s clean energy future and the tens of thousands of family wage jobs that come with it. We now urge Governor Northam to act where the legislature failed by immediately vetoing the harmful and unnecessary budget language standing in the way of climate progress.

Virginians don’t elect leaders to engage in partisan fights; they send representatives to Richmond to find common ground, to solve our greatest problems, and to improve our lives. Voters across Virginia support climate action – they are watching and there will be consequences.”

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