House, Senate Budgets Deliver on Key Environmental Protections

For Immediate Release:
Friday, March 8, 2024

Lee Francis | Deputy Director
Virginia League of Conservation Voters
(434) 989-3197 |


RICHMOND – Today, House and Senate Budget Conferees released their final, agreed-upon spending plans, and the end result delivers on a number of important environmental priorities, including rejoining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and funding key water pollution reduction programs.

In response to this decision, Michael Town, Executive Director of the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, issued the following statement:

“This budget – though not perfect – is one of the strongest spending plans we’ve ever seen for environmental protection in Virginia, and will go a long way in ensuring clean air and water for all Virginians. From taking bold climate action and bringing federal clean energy to our state, to making the investments we need to ensure a clean and healthy Chesapeake Bay, this budget delivers in a big way. We are grateful to Chairman Luke Torian and Chairwoman Louise Lucas for the key role they played in moving this budget forward and urge the full General Assembly to send this budget to the Governor for his signature.”

Highlights of the budget include the following:

  • Language directing the state to rejoin the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, to cut power plant pollution and fund flood resiliency and energy efficiency programs;

  • $400 million for wastewater upgrades;

  • More than $230 million for agricultural best management practices;

  • $150 million to WMATA (Metro);

  • $20 million for a new innovative, outcome-based pilot program to help provide demonstrable water pollution reductions;

  • $10 million for the Virginia Clean Energy Innovation Bank;

  • $1.2 million for Virginia’s first statewide forest conservation plan and another $2.5 million for the Forest Sustainability Fund;

  • $1 million of enterprise zone grants for rooftop and parking lot solar;

  • $200,000 to rejoin the Electronic Registration Information Center and ensure election integrity


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