Action Items:

Do you want to get involved but aren’t sure where to begin? Signing a petition is a great start!

Build Back Better petition: https://valcv.org/actions/tell-congress-its-time-to-build-back-better/#/126/
Brown Grove letters: https://www.mobilize.us/lcvva/event/385196/
Break Free from Plastic Pollution petition: https://www.mobilize.us/lcvva/event/385226/


Earth Day Events:

April 18th, 12-1pm | Yoga for All 

April 20th, 4-5pm | Climate and Conservation Seminar

April 20th, 6-7pm | Hampton Roads Sustainability Conversation ⬇️

April 21st, 6-7:30pm | Richmond Sustainability Conversation

April 21st, 8-9pm | Civic Engagement Talk Show ⬇️

April 22nd, 12-1pm | City Nature Challenge

April 22nd, 5-6pm | Sustainable Agriculture ⬇️

April 22nd, 6-7:30pm | Faith and Climate Action

April 29th, 6-7pm | Legislative Session Recap