Virginia needs the Great American Outdoors Act!

During this unprecedented public health crisis, it’s clear that more of us are looking to nature than ever before to cope, decompress, and get away from the stresses of daily life during these uncertain times.

It’s also clear that our outdoor spaces are under immense stress, forcing some to even close or restrict access as they’re overwhelmed by visitors eager to enjoy some of our best natural places.

The truth is our parks were under stress even before this crisis. After years of deferred maintenance, slashed budgets, and few dollars for new parks and outdoor spaces, Virginia’s – and our nation’s – parks system has not kept up with our desire to get outside and enjoy nature, even in good times.

This is why Congress must pass the Great American Outdoors Act, a landmark measure that fully funds our best parks program, the Land and Water Conservation Fund, while also addressing the longstanding infrastructure needs of parks across Virginia and the United States.

Join us in calling on Congress to act now to preserve the legacy of our parks, create new opportunities to get outside, and expand access to the outdoors for all Virginians!