Tell Northam to Keep the Air Board Intact, Protect Union Hill!

We’re still appalled by the news yesterday that Governor Northam had ended the terms of two members of the Air Pollution Control Board in the middle of a high-stakes regulatory decision on Dominion Energy’s pipeline.

Both members – Sam Bleicher and Rebecca Rubin – had raised important issues just a week ago relating to the proposed Buckingham Compressor Station, which Dominion needs to pump gas through its unnecessary and destructive Atlantic Coast Pipeline, including its disproportionate impacts on the majority African-American community of Union Hill. Their removal means they won’t be able to take a final vote in December.

Weigh in now to let the Northam Administration know that putting its thumb on the scale to help an electricity monopoly build an unneeded, destructive, and irresponsible pipeline, is completely unacceptable.