Tell lawmakers Virginians want cleaner cars!

In recent years, we’ve made huge progress in cutting pollution from power plants. But we have yet to take on an even bigger contributor to climate change: transportation.

In Virginia, carbon emissions from vehicles make up nearly half of our state’s overall carbon footprint – pollution that disproportionately impacts communities of color and low-income households across the Commonwealth and mostly come from the cars we drive every day: passenger vehicles.

This pollution is lethal, contributing to heart disease, stroke, cancer and chronic respiratory illnesses. Every year in Virginia an estimated 750 people die prematurely because of tailpipe pollution – about the same number of fatalities caused by traffic accidents.

By passing a Clean Cars Standard in Virginia through House Bill 1965, along with other policies to help create a cleaner, more equitable transportation system, lawmakers can continue to combat the climate crisis, while protecting public health and ensuring cleaner and safer communities across the state.

This legislation has passed out of the House of Delegates, but still needs to make it through the Senate. This is urgent – your Senator needs to hear from you, now!