Fight for safe, responsible coal ash cleanup in Virginia!

Currently, millions of tons of this carcinogenic coal ash waste is stored in unlined pits at Dominion Energy power plants on the banks of major waterways – the James and Elizabeth Rivers and Quantico Creek, a main tributary to the Potomac. Dominion’s current plans call for burying this waste in place, where it can continue leaching heavy metals into our water supply.

This is unacceptable.

Last year, lawmakers placed a moratorium on coal ash closure until this spring. When this expires, there’s nothing keeping Dominion from pursuing permits to close their facilities permanently. We don’t get a second shot at doing this the right way.

Please contact your lawmaker now and urge their support of strong coal ash solutions that safeguard our drinking water, secure long-term, environmentally safe storage solutions, and force Dominion to clean up its toxic mess the right way.