Trump’s Executive Order on offshore drilling puts Va.’s economy, coastline in harm’s way

Virginia LCV calls on statewide candidates, officials to reject plans to drill in Virginia waters

RICHMOND – Today, President Trump released an executive order that puts offshore drilling in Atlantic waters off Virginia’s coast back in contention. This directive reverses the Obama administration’s moratorium on leasing for oil and gas exploration, which came after heated opposition up and down the East Coast from coastal communities that would bear the brunt of the impact from a spill.

In response, Michael Town, Executive Director of the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, issued the following statement:

“In this, only his latest attack on the environment, President Trump has put one of Virginia’s largest economies at severe risk. Tourists simply do not flock to stay in hotels next to oil-covered beaches, explore parks coated in black tar, or eat in restaurants forced to serve seafood from across the globe because the local fisheries have vanished.

“Putting the Atlantic back into play makes all of these horrible scenarios a possibility, which is why there was a moratorium in the first place – communities up and down the East Coast recognized the clear risk offshore drilling posed to their economic health and livelihood.

“This is one reason Virginia voters should pay close attention in November. Will the next Governor be complicit in the reckless, shortsighted energy policy coming out of D.C. or do everything they can to protect our economy by keeping drilling off our coast off limits and growing the clean energy sector?”