Attorney General Mark Herring announces his support for the Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Plan

photo1v2The Virginia League joined Attorney General Herring at historic Fort Monroe this morning to announce his legal support for the Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Plan.

On behalf of the Commonwealth, AG Herring filed an amicus brief siding with the EPA and supporting the multi-state effort to reduce pollution and restore the Chesapeake. You can read the Virginia League’s statement and the Attorney General’s brief.

This is a great announcement for the Bay! Take a moment to thank Attorney General Herring.


Uranium Mining Efforts Stalled in 2014!

To all of you that wrote or called Governor McDonnell and your Delegates and State Senators – thank you! With your help and the support of local governments, businesses, and public health organizations, our elected officials in Richmond know that the risks involved with mining uranium in Virginia far outweigh any rewards. Governor-elect McAuliffe to veto uranium legislation - Reported by the Virginian-Pilot, McAuliffe said, ”I don’t support uranium mining. First and foremost as governor, my job is to make sure that our communities and our citizenry are safe. I’m not comfortable with the science to the point that I can say that with uranium mining, we would be safe. I’m afraid it would get into the drinking water.” The Governor-elect went on to show his opposition to promulgating regulations saying, “Why would we be wasting our time and resources drafting regulations if we’re not going to lift the moratorium?” Uranium industry suspends efforts - Virginia Uranium also announced that it would not be backing legislation to lift the ban during the 2014 session given the strong opposition and commitment to veto any such legislation by the incoming Governor-elect. With such great news, the Virginia League is looking forward to many other great accomplishments under the new governor.


Virginia League 2013 Conservation Scorecard

Victories in this year’s General Assembly made 2013 a good year for conservation.


The Virginia League’s Conservation Scorecard provides transparency and accountability to voters regarding important conservation votes cast in the 2013 session. The 2013 Conservation Scorecard highlights important measures considered during the session ranging from improvements to Virginia’s successful Land Conservation funding programs (House Bill 1398), the establishment of the Commonwealth’s first Agricultural Net Metering Program (House Bill 1695) and critical Menhaden Fisheries Management action (House Bill 2254 and Senate Bill1291). The passage of these important advances with broad bi-partisan support clearly demonstrates that conservation is not a conservative or a progressive issue, but one that belongs to everyone. You can view last year’s press release or go straight to the  full scorecard to see how your state representatives voted on important conservation issues during the 2013 General Assembly session. Stay tuned for the release of the Virginia League’s 2014 Scorecard in June 2014.


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